The Piracy Manifesto

In Berlin startet heute der Make Capitalism History Kongress. Im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltung wird am Samstag auch Milos Manetas auftreten und aus dem The Piracy Manifesto lesen. Darin heißt es:

Today every man with a computer is a Producer and a Pirate. We all live in the Internet; this is our new country, the only territory that makes sense to defend and protect . The land of the Internet is one of information. Men should be able to use this land freely, corporations should pay for use Рa company is definitely not a person. The Internet is now producing “internets”, situations that exist not only online but also in real space, governed and influenced by what is happening online. This is the time for the foundation of an global Movement of Piracy. The freedom of infringing copyright, the freedom of sharing information and drugs, are our new Commons, they are Global Rights and as such, Authorities will not be allow them without a battle. But that will be a strange battle as its the first time the multitudes is disrespecting the Law instinctively and on a global scale.

Today, an army of teenagers is copying. Adults are copying, senior citizens are copying, everyone with a computer is copying something. Like a novel Goddess Athena, Information wants to break free from Technology, so it assists us on our enterprise.

Pirates of the Internet Unite!

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