Komm ins Wasser!

Am Freitag schrieb Jonathan Frantzen einen langen Text in den Guardian, in dem er die twitternden Gegenwart rügte.

Am Montag twitterte Salman Rushdie diese Antwort:

Und am Mittwoch schrieb Maria Bustillos diese Antwort in den New Yorker:

So what I think is that Franzen really ought to just come online and talk with everybody. Let some of us have it, too, if he thinks we deserve it. If he believes that Americans could be doing a better job politically, or as artists or intellectuals or students or teachers, the Internet is the place for making that case now. Yes, there are many bad things about the Internet, but serious criticism is alive and well there. Or here, rather. There are thousands upon thousands of passionate constituencies online—political, social, literary—many of them eager for the participation of as many principled, serious artists as care to come out and talk. Come on in, Mr. Franzen! The water’s fine.