Ausgezeichnete Newsletter

Was braucht ein ausgezeichneter Newsletter? Wenn ich die seit ein paar Tagen laufende Einreichungsfrist beim Online Journalism Award richtig lese, dann geht es vor allem um diese Aspekte:

– eine eigene Stimme
– textliche Qualität
– gutes Design
– passende Frequenz

Erstmals zeichnet der Preis für Online-Journalismus in diesem Jahr Newsletter aus. In der Ausschreibung heißt es:

This category honors single email newsletters that serve as a conduit to delivering news and information. Entries should showcase a unique voice, whether the newsletter is issued by an individual or organization. Entries may span the increasingly wide array of newsletter formats, such as providing a digest of news or events, curating resources, sharing ideas or opinions from individual columnists, providing insight on topical issues or containing original reporting and exclusive content. Submitters should make note of any visual elements that regularly accompany stories and/or provide context. Entries may consist of daily, weekly or other regularly delivered offerings (and we all miss an issue or two, there is no penalty for a reasonable number of gaps). Judges will consider quality of writing, design, frequency, length of content based on the material, subject matter and overall strategy and impact of the newsletter. Please include up to five links of examples or archives or a single .pdf of your newsletter.

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