John Perry Barlow leitet Cory Doctorows „Content“ ein

I believe, as I’ve stated before, that information is simultaneously a relationship, an action, and an area of shared mind. What it isn’t is a noun.

Information is not a thing. It isn’t an object. It isn’t something that, when you sell it or have it stolen, ceases to remain in your possession. It doesn’t have a market value that can be objectively determined. It is not, for example, much like a 2004 Ducati ST4S motorcycle, for which I’m presently in the market, and which seems Рdespite variabilities based on, I must admit, informationally- based conditions like mileage and whether it’s been dropped Рto have a value that is pretty consistent among the specimens I can find for a sale on the Web.

John Perry Barlow schreibt im Vorwort von Cory Doctorows Essay-Sammlung Content, die man hier runterladen kann.