How Newspapers Can Re-Engage with Communities

The first thing, whether you’re a newspaper editor or broadcast news director, is this simple test: Go to Flickr, Technorati and YouTube and search on your community name.
Second, stop pretending your organization is an oracle. It’s not. You don’t know everything, and even if you did you couldn’t publish or broadcast as much as you’d like to.
Third, make sure your audience can respond and, in many cases, join the journalistic process. Comments are only a start. (…) expand the conversation with the community in the one place where it’s already taking place: the editorial pages. Invert them. Make the printed pages the best-of and guide to a conversation the community can and should be having with itself.

Dan Gillmor interviewt Will Bunch und findet dabei heraus, How Newspapers Can Re-Engage with Communities (via)

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