Gründe für den Dialog

It’s no secret that social media—global, open, transparent, non-hierarchical, interactive, and real time—are changing consumer behavior and workplace expectations.

In der Harvard Business Review beantwortet Soumitra Dutta die Frage Managing Yourself: What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy? in lesenswerter Form. Er gibt auch klare Ratschläge zur Nutzung der Instrumente des dialogischen Internet:

Today’s leaders must embrace social media for three reasons. First, they provide a low-cost platform on which to build your personal brand, communicating who you are both within and outside your company. Second, they allow you to engage rapidly and simultaneously with peers, employees, customers, and the broader public, especially younger generations, in the same transparent and direct way they expect from everyone in their lives. Third, they give you an opportunity to learn from instant information and unvarnished feedback. Active participation in social media can be a powerful tool—the difference between leading effectively and ineffectively, and between advancing and faltering in the pursuit of your goals.

via Nahne Steinauer