Ein Buch, unterschiedliche Vertriebswege: With a little help

Here’s the pitch: the book is called With a Little Help. It’s a short story collection, and like my last two collections, it’s a book of reprints from various magazines and other places (with one exception, more about which later). Like my other collections, it will be available for free on the day it is released. And like my last collection, Overclocked, it won’t have a traditional publisher.

In Publishers Weekly kündigt Cory Doctorow an, sein neues Buchprojekt „With a little help“ über unterschiedliche Wege zu vertreiten und zu finanzieren. Auch wenn nicht jeder mit Mark Shuttleworth Mittag essen gehen kann: das ist sehr spannend! Das weiß Doctorow auch selber und kündigt an:

One thing I need to mention, though: I’m seriously considering writing a book about the experiment, no matter how it turns out, selling it to a traditional publisher and adding the advance to the balance sheet.