Der Wert von Leser-Kommentaren für eine Zeitungs-Website

Comments add value to Web sites, they drive traffic and build communities. The problem with most newspaper Web sites is that they are comment ghettos — sections of Web sites that are left uncultivated and unloved by newspaper staffs. In fact, many newspaper forbid employees from interacting with readers in the comments section of stories and posts.


Each reporter should take responsibility for the comments on his or her stories and posts. Reporters should be encouraged to actively participate in the comments sections of their stories. In fact, rather than punishing reporters for commenting, they should be punished for not commenting.


But whatever newspapers and journalists do, they need to start taking ownership of their comments sections and of their fledgling communities.

Patrick Thornton macht sich auf Beat Blogging lesenswert Gedanken darüber, wie Zeitungen mit Kommentaren und aktiven Nutzern umgehen sollen.

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