Der Elefant in deinem Büro

For some of our writers — rightly or wrongly — interacting with readers in any kind of direct way is just not something they feel comfortable with. They are happy to respond to the occasional email, or to engage with someone they meet at a social event, but comments are just too chaotic and foreign in some sense. I think many would much rather that things were still one-way, rather than always a “conversation.” And my sense is that for many, the comments we get don’t really jibe with their vision of what our readers are like (or ought to be like), and so they kind of pretend that they aren’t there, in the same way that people try to ignore an elephant in the room.

Mathew Ingram widmet sich in seinem Blog der Frage Are comments valuable or a waste of time? und kommt zu einer klaren Antwort.

Dazu passt – nicht nur wegen der gleichen Metaphorik – der mit dem Titel Fremde im eigenen Büro, der auf einen Guardian-Text zum selben Thema Bezug nimmt. (via)

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