Das iPad: Das sollte man wissen

Es ist soweit: An diesem Wochenende wird das iPad verkauft. Das sollte man über seine technischen Eckdaten wissen:

Inhaltlich sollte man das hier bedenken:

I think that the press has been all over the iPad because Apple puts on a good show, and because everyone in journalism-land is looking for a daddy figure who’ll promise them that their audience will go back to paying for their stuff.

Das Zitat stammt von Cory Doctorow, der bei Boing Boing sehr lesenswert erklärt: Why I won’t buy an iPad and think you shouldn’t, either. Dabei entzaubert er zunächst den Glauben an den Heilsbringer iPad …

The reason people have stopped paying for a lot of „content“ isn’t just that they can get it for free, though: it’s that they can get lots of competing stuff for free, too. The open platform has allowed for an explosion of new material, some of it rough-hewn, some of it slick as the pros, most of it targetted more narrowly than the old media ever managed. Rupert Murdoch can rattle his saber all he likes about taking his content out of Google, but I say do it, Rupert. We’ll miss your fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the Web so little that we’ll hardly notice it, and we’ll have no trouble finding material to fill the void.

… und kommt abschließend zu der Erkenntnis:

Gadgets come and gadgets go. The iPad you buy today will be e-waste in a year or two (less, if you decide not to pay to have the battery changed for you). The real issue isn’t the capabilities of the piece of plastic you unwrap today, but the technical and social infrastructure that accompanies it.

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