Mashup als democratic discourse

Brett Gaylor, der Filmmacher von RIP: A remix Manifesto hat im April vor dem kanadischen Parlament über die Veränderungen des Urheberrechts gesprochen:

I believe that this creative reuse, re-expression, and re-contextualization of culture using digital technology to be an important skill for today’s generations of Canadians. It is an expression of a media-literate citizenry that has grown up with a medium that is not top-down, consumer-centric, or one-way, like television or radio. It is a two-way, participatory, interactive medium. Websites like Wikipedia and YouTube, and creative audiovisual works that combine or “mash up” the media landscape, are examples of the kind of democratic discourse we ought to celebrate in today’s youth. But our laws criminalize and prevent it. Whether or not you agree with my position on copyright reform, I think all parties should know that there is an economic argument for reform in copyright, and in particular, in fair dealing.