„We cannot catch him“

Die New York Times widmet unter dem Titel Boy Genius dem bald 24-jährigen Lionel Messi ein ausführliches Porträt, in dem auch sein Mannschaftskollege Gerard Piqué zu Wort kommt. Er erinnert sich:

“He was in the dressing room, on the bench, just sitting. He said nothing to us for the first month. We traveled to Switzerland to play a tournament, and he started to talk and have fun. We thought it was another person. He was really good, but he was really small and thin. His legs were like fingers. One coach said, ‘Don’t try to tackle him strong, because maybe you will break him.’ And we said, ‘O.K., but don’t worry because we cannot catch him.’ ”

Dazu gibt es diese Messi’s Eleven genannte Übersicht seiner elf Champions-League-Tore (bisher). Mit dabei auch dieser wunderbare Treffer gegen Real Madrid am 27. April: