Newspaper Escape Plan

Martin Gee ist im vergangenen Juni gekündigt worden. Der arbeitslose Journalist hat daraufhin die Facebook-Gruppe Newspaper Escape Plan gegründet, die dort unter „Selbsthilfe“ geführt und mit dieser Beschreibung angekündigt wird

Escape from newspapers while you can! At this rate, everyone will be laid off. Did you leave on your own terms? Or did someone else make that decision for you? Were you „involuntarily separated?“ Let’s help each other get through this!

The newspaper industry is an abusive relationship. We keep getting beat up but we keep coming back because we love him. It’s time to leave.

Take your journalism skills to a new industry that appreciates and wants you. Post job listings, tips, resources and personal experiences. Rework that resume and cover letter. Get the skills you need. Get out of an industry that doesn’t care about or deserve you.

Journalism and the newspaper industry are two different things. We are still passionate about journalism and its role in our democracy. Let’s do it in new and innovative ways while newspapers continue to self-destruct.

Unter twitter/nwspprscppln veröffentlicht Martin zudem aktuelle Krisenmeldungen.

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