Die Krise der Zeitung

Zeitungen in den USA geht es nicht besonders gut. Xark! glaubt nicht, dass es besser wird. Das Blog benennt zehn Gründe, „why newspapers won’t reinvent news“. Dazu zählt:

1. Newspapers‘ core audience still doesn’t want change

2. The culture of newspaper management is a dysfunctional relic of a low-bandwidth, monopoly era.

3. The culture of newsroom leadership contains a fatal 20th century flaw: A fundamental belief that equates all new trends with dangerous „fads.“

5. Newspapers don’t „own“ enough creative technological expertise to constitute a viable tech infrastructure.

6. Inertia, uncertainty and toxic paralysis rule most newspaper companies.

7. Individual ad-reps still make more money selling print ads than Web ads.

8. Newspapers have already lost one of their key selling points: Social currency.

9. The connection between quality and profitability has been broken irreparably.

10. Finally: Newspaper companies hate modern journalism.