Reden wir mit unseren Lesern

We believe it is critical in keeping us as a part of the open web and of the global conversation, particularly after the launch of our digital subscription model. In fact, we value it so greatly that all social media links to are free… from everywhere in the world on all social networks. And, as I noted earlier, we’re using social media to engage our audience and we’re using it in our reporting. Twitter and Facebook are vast, so we have approached them by applying Times journalism as a layer on top of them. We come up with clever hashtags, ask provocative questions, find ways to curate only the best material for our site, provide Times quality live reporting on Twitter and our staff, aggressively and skeptically reports on developments in the social media world.

Arthur Sulzberger, Verleger der New York Times, erläutert an der LSE The continuing digital transformation of the New York Times