Facebook, Twitter und die Zukunft der Nachricht im Netz

There was a time we had to make an effort to get informed. We had to switch on the radio or the television or buy a newspaper. Getting information was an active endeavour. Nowadays it is different. The news follow us everywhere. They accompany us to work on the radio, free paper or on our smartphone. (…) To handle information overload there is not a better guideline than where your friends go or what they look at, read or say. They are the perfect filter for things that interest you, because you share common ground. You get everything from them you are interested in and all in one platform, private news and breaking news, entertainment and useful information. Therefore the time of the private public and the private news just has started.

Unter dem Titel The war of private news has just begun: facebook vs. twitter erkundet Mercedes Bunz sehr lesenswert das Feld dessen, was ich unlängst als Neuigkeiten beschrieben habe. Sie kommt zu dem Schluß:

Now we are already moving fast forward to the next challenge: Readers can be distributers to.

Ich würde ja sogar ergänzen: Readers can be gatekeepers too! Das zu organisieren, wird die Herausforderungen für Nachrichten und Neuigkeiten im Netz.

Gefunden habe ich den Text – natürlich – über Twitter.