The Cut-and-Paste Personality

The Internet makes plagiarism anonymous and easy. Nearly half of high-school students and nearly 40% of college undergrads confess they copy online sources, according to surveys conducted by Donald McCabe, a founder of the Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson University in South Carolina. Stealing for appearance’s sake is a new twist. „People are still trying to develop a sense of how to present themselves online,“ says Joseph Walther, a communication professor at Michigan State University.

Jennifer Saranow befasst sich im Wall Street Journal mit Identitätsdiebstahl in Dating-Communitys und auf Social-Networks. Der Text heißt The Cut-and-Paste Personality und ist sehr lesenswert (via Brijit)

Dazu passt: Das Anonymity Experiment, das Chatherine Price für das Magazin Popular Science unternommen hat.

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