Jacek Utko über Zeitungsdesign

Der Feuilletonist weist auf Jacek Utkos TED-Vortrag über Design und die Zukunft der Zeitung hin:

Das Interessante daran: Utko geht davon aus, dass Zeitung sterben werden, aber er zieht daraus überraschende Schlüsse:

Newspapers, just before death — since we agree that, sooner or later, they will die — just before death, they blossom, design-wise. Never in history has design and visual journalism been as good as it is now. This happens not only in Western Europe and America, but even more in countries in Latin America. Asia is waking up; they will do beautiful stuff in the near future.

People perceive newspapers as boring pages with letters, but I can find so many examples around the world of sophisticated, artistic, beautiful work. They’re not dying because they’re not good. They’re dying because of more general reasons connected with technology and behavior.

Just before newspapers die, they come to highest possible level of development.