Was der Guardian plant

Im britischen Independent gibt es ein interessantes Stück über Andrew Miller, Verlagschef beim Guardian

He is against the idea of a hard digital paywall (such as that used by The Times) and considers a “freemium” soft paywall (as used by The Daily Telegraph) to be “the worst loyalty scheme in the world” because regular users are charged.

His own preference is a “membership”, with users signed up to have “deeper engagement” with the paper. Mr Miller also wants members to be “participating in little events” which are Guardian-branded.

The paper already uses King’s Place, its HQ in London’s Kings Cross, to support various cultural events. Earlier this year it opened a tech-based London café called #guardiancoffee, which attracted some scorn but Mr Miller says it will live beyond its six-month trial, “probably for several years”.

This week the paper also opened the Guardian Green Room in the Rough Trade record store in New York to showcase its commitment to music. Mr Miller is very keen and more coffee shops may follow. “Physical manifestation of The Guardian is something we are actively exploring,” he says.


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