Cazals „To Cut a Long Story Short“

Auf ihrer MySpace-Seite erfährt man:

1. They’ve known Pete Doherty since they were boys, and have toured with Babyshambles.

2. On account of living in London and – y’know – knowing how to dress well, some people think they’re fashonistas;

3. All five of ‚em used to live together. In Whitechapel;

4. A couple of them made cameo appearances in Nathan Barley.

5. They used to put on all night warehouse parties ‚Äì most notably Cazalaid, organised to raise money after ALL their equipment got stolen ‚Äì in London’s east end. Bloc Party played. It was a great night.

Die Rede ist von Cazals, die mit Poor Innocent Boys im Jahr 2005 mal eine Art Hit hatten. Jetzt haben sie „To Cut a Long Story Short“ von Spandau Ballet gecovert:

Abgeschlossen wird die MySpace-Vita übrigens von dieser Einschätzung: So no, not Shoreditch trendies. Not fashonistas. Just one of the most forward thinking British guitar band in Britain today.