David Pogue erklärt Twitter

Wie geht eigentlich Twitter? David Pogue illustriert das Prinzip in seiner aktuellen NYTimes-Kolumne:

So I flipped out of PowerPoint and typed this to my Twitter followers: „I need a cure for hiccups… RIGHT NOW! Help?“ I hit Enter. I told the audience that we would start getting replies in 15 seconds, but it didn’t even take that long. Here are some of the replies that began scrolling up the screen:

Es folgen unzählige Antworten, die Vorschläge zur Bekämpfung eines Schluckaufs machen. Pogue folgert daraus:

Has there ever been a wittier, smarter bunch (or a better collection of hiccup cures)? The audience and I were marveling and laughing at the same time. This was it: harnessing the power of the Web, the collective wisdom of strangers, in real time! The Twitterers of the world did not let us down. (And yes, I realize that this demo might not be as effective if you have, say, 20 followers instead of hundreds.)