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Wie Mario Garcia ein Zeitungsdesign erstellt

1. Build a prototype that is based on the realities of the newspaper’s daily production, its human resources and technology.
2. Incorporate the strong foundation of what I call the Fabulous Four:
–Story Structures: create a systematic approach to how each type of story is told in the newspaper. Usually, I create six to eight of these.
=Typography: create a systematic approach to how typography will be utilized for every detail, from the smallest photo credit under a photograph, to the biggest headline on othe day a major breaking news occurs.
–Page architecture: nothing can be more important and easier to systematize than the grid the newspaper will follow.
–Color palette: Give the designers a range of colors that will become part of the newspaper’s brand, but that will, through continued use, offer visual consistency to the product.

3. Make sure the prototype is more like a regular laid out newspaper than an art directed one. Remember, the talent pool involved in the creation of the prototype might NOT be there to carry the day to day production.
4. Create templates and styleguides that ensure that these basic foundations are explained clearly to all who will work with them.

Mario Garcia stellt in seinem Blog vier Schritte für ein erfolgreiches Design-Konzept vor.