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This is the private weblog of Dirk von Gehlen, editor for Social Media/Innovations and former chief editor of jetzt.de (the youthmagazine of Germanys widespread broadsheet newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung based in Munich). This blog is a notebook about music and media – and everything else I am interested in.

The best way to get in contact: write an email to

dirkvongehlen (at) gmail (dot) com

My main focus is the social transformation started by the digitiasation. I do research and write books about it. My latest book is about an emoticon: it is called The Principle of Pragmatism and features the shruggie-Emoticon and his perspective ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can follow me on Twitter and you find me at LinkedIn.

In autumn 2006 the George Weidenfeld Bursary gave me the opportunity to work in the newsroom of The Guardian in London. In autumn 2012 I wrote a book with the support of my readers at the Crowdfunding-site Startnext. Here you can read a summary.

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